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Happy Birthday Mom +1

June 2, 2014

Here are a couple of lettering pieces sans expletives. My mother will be so pleased.

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#ethereal #lettering

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And, for the occasion of my mother’s birthday.

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Happy birthday mom #lettering #brushpen

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Thanks a Fuckload

May 29, 2014

Nothing but the warmest gratitude from the depths of my heart.

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Thanks a fuckload #lettering

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you are an asshat

May 16, 2014

Here is some more brush lettering practice. I think “asshat” has got to be one of the best insults out there.

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This one is for you ilabelu. #asshat #lettering

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I love you, Fuckhead

May 1, 2014

I’ve been practicing my brush lettering.

Taking phrase suggestions if you’ve got ’em.

Keeping on with the irreverence, this gif cracks me up.

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make cool shit or look at cool shit?

April 29, 2014

I am the WORST at falling into the internet wormhole of wasting time. Sometimes it feels like I’ll read articles on ANYTHING.

Am I preparing to be a Jeopardy contestant?


Then why am I boning up on national crime stories, buzzfeed listicles, human interest pieces and literally any other article with a title that captures my attention?

That said, when I caught myself in an internet time-suck loop for the eleventy billionth time I decided to do something about it. After surgically removing my eyes from the screen and prying my atrophied hand off the mouse, I did some laundry, ran some errands and painted this piece.

make cool shit


Make cool shit or look at cool shit? It’s easy for me to rationalize the absurd amounts of time I spend reading shit online as self-education but the truth of the matter is that every minute spent on some dumb site is one that I’m not painting, drawing or otherwise creating. To make it abundantly clear, I mounted it to the top of my monitor so that it will loom over me when I think I need to check Facebook again.


Here are a couple of detail shots.



If on my deathbed I regret that I didn’t spend more time online then slap me silly and call me Susan.

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Spring DIY dye project

April 24, 2014

If you follow my Instagram feed you saw that the other day I broke out the RIT dye to spruce up a white slipcover and some blah pillowcases within my immediate craft trajectory.

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Dyeing some pillowcases #DIY #spring #project

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I dyed the pillowcases orange and then dip-dyed them and the slipcover with a deeper orange.

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Part 2 #dyeimg #diy #project

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I’m so pleased with how everything turned out, especially the pillowcases. Maybe it’s just Spring enacting it’s magic on me but the combination of oranges and our blue bedspread feels tropical and that makes me happy.




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this post is brought to you by polka dots

September 2, 2013

It’s Labor Day weekend which means that my favorite season is coming to an end. I wanted to put up a quick summer-y post before it’s over but first, this…

image via

Isn’t this gif hilarious? Every time I look at it I think, “gettin’ my craft on, getting my craft on!”

Anyhoosey, on to the polka dots!

This is a lanyard.


It is the lanyard that I have used to fish my keys from the bottom of my purse since college. It is sturdy, colorful and convenient.

It is also the lanyard that has caused one of my clients, on more than one occasion, to mention that I am 30 and far too old to have my keys on a beer lanyard. OH AM I NOW?

It’s true though, beer lanyard = not so classy, so I decided to ramp up my game by putting together this polka dotty creation.


Vastly improved!

While I had the sewing machine out I whipped up another project. My dude had just discarded a pair of grey dickies that fit me perfectly and I was determined to make them into a cute pair of shorts. After cutting and hemming they were almost there but needed something more.


So, I polka dotted them! Since they were a hand-me-downs I had no fear using whatever supplies I had lying around, namely watered down acrylic paint and a pen bottom, to create the dotted pattern.


The pattern makes them much more fun and they are easily my favorite shorts right now. Also, the paint dots haven’t budged through regular washing and drying so have no fear substituting regular acrylic for fabric paint yourself.

So with that, I hope  you are checking your inbox before you head off to a BBQ to enjoy this, one of the last days of summer. Have a great one!

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sewing projects galore!

July 30, 2013

Hey friends, what did you do over the weekend? I am pleased to say that I managed to put down 3 separate sewing projects. Does that make me the evil veterinarian of projects? It’s worth considering…

Anyhow, here we go. First up is a new beach umbrella holder!


It was just two summers ago that after being trapped on a beach for a whole day without an umbrella that I said EFF THAT as I left, beet-red, and swore I’d never go to the beach again without one (lesson also learned in regards to shoddily applied sunscreen). Evidence:


when i burn my bits, i only burn the OUCHIEST bits

I made good on this promise to myself by buying the biggest, BRIGHTEST rainbow umbrella I could find and have toted it with me on every successive beach trip so that I can hide under it like a little turtle and only expose my vampire-like pallor to the sun during the briefest of jaunts into the surf.

Consequently, the little plastic bag that it came in has not survived well and is now about as effective for umbrella carrying as those self-adhesive, strap-less bras are for holding actual boobs. It works great until you stop paying attention and then your shit is all over the place.

Thusly, when one of my clients replaced a couch slip cover, I got my hands on some white canvas and I set about to making a new one. Here are some process pics.

I do love fabric that rips in a neat line.



The bottom of the bag before I mitered the corners. I have no idea if that’s the technical term for what I did, but I did it.




BOOM. Bag has a fancy bottom that feels sturdier.


Thar she blows. The bag is a success but it is BORING and is going to show dirt in a nanosecond.


I definitely didn’t want the bottom of the bag to be white, so I painted it and a few more contrast stripes for fun.


And the finished project again. Pretty snazzy!


Next up, a sewing post to brag about a wonderful project by one of my best friends!

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stop-mo round up XII – Illy Vine posts

May 2, 2013

Today’s stop-motion round-up  is entirely videos created by my talented friends Andy and Anthony for Illy using the Vine app.

Are you guys on Vine? I joined the other night but haven’t posted anything yet. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support Vine videos yet so you’ll have to click the images below to see the action.

Coffee #magic on the go

Don't you wish it could be this easy?

I got to watch the making of this next one.

How do you take your morning cup?

illy; a love story

One dimension never looked so delicious

From bean to cup in 6 seconds

Feel like going for a cup of coffee yet?

Made Weekly – Asparagus with Miso Tahini dressing

April 26, 2013

There’s already a new Made Weekly video up!

Also, have you checked out my Etsy store?

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