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afghan project – day 22

May 8, 2011

Remember when I restarted my afghan project? I wonder how many days ago that was…Hmm….

Maybe it was THIS MANY!!!

I’m quite pleased to say that I’ve held to my goal of one granny square a day since then.

Counting the granny squares I made before shelving the project, I’m actually up to 57 squares but I’m going to keep up with this one (or more) a day thing until I run out of yarn.

back on the crochet wagon

April 17, 2011

Back in Eugene, OR, I hosted a weekly art night at my house. Every Sunday night, my friends with ongoing and transportable projects would come over from 6-11pm to work in each other’s company. It was a great way to keep your weekly progress up and the instant feedback helped me through more than a couple mental blocks.

Art night lasted for 3 years before I moved to the East Coast. I truly miss art night but have been unsuccessful getting one started with the talented and like-minded people who I’ve met here in Brooklyn. Someday….

ANYWAY, over the course of it, I learned to crochet from my friend Diane. I started an afghan that I loved and made a few granny squares before I had to shelve it for the move. Fast forward 5 years to yesterday, I had the granny squares and all the yarn that I’d bought for the project but I’d completely forgotten how to crochet!

Fortunately for me, Brooklyn Brainery offered a crochet class. It’s almost as if they knew…

The class was lead by the lovely Sarah Goldschadt who also has a lovely blog if you’re into cute crochet, beautiful pictures and all things Danish.

The afternoon was relaxing and fun and by the end of it, I’d re-learned how to make a granny square!


I like the goal of crocheting at least one granny square a day until I run out of yarn so I’ll probably give that a whirl. Watch this space for the completed project!

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