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pea brain

September 17, 2012


If you like peas, you should check this out.

green flowers

July 16, 2012

SPOILERS!! Tania, your picture is ready!


masked nudes

May 20, 2012

A mysterious and naked trifecta.

pears like absurd glasses

November 28, 2011

I recently discovered the hilarious and punny Angry Pear blog by Drew McKevitt. I liked it so much I went through every post and as Drew posted EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR, that meant a lot of angry pears!

When I saw the title for this post, I had something else in mind entirely so I thought I’d draw what I had been expecting as a fan art tribute.

Love your blog Drew!

more cake toppers!

November 4, 2011

Maybe I should go into business….

Two of our best friends were married about a month ago, an event for which I made some custom cake toppers! They’d discussed getting crowns as couple tattoos before so I thought I’d use their design idea for the cake.

The guy crown was a cinch but I puzzled over the lady crown. I wanted it to be feminine but not diminutive. Fortunately I was finally able to come up with something that I liked.

the 'he crown'

the 'she crown'

Here they are on the cake!

mail vlog shout out

October 29, 2011

Got a nice shout out from Songs To Wear Pants To. Send him something fun, maybe you’ll get one too.

The olives mentioned in the letter are castelvetrano and they are SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. They look like this and you should definitely eat some as soon as possible.

(image source: the golden pineapple blog)

Halloween is in two days, what are YOU going to be?

100th post!

July 28, 2011

Hello readers, and welcome to the 100th post of create, a blog by cat baldwin!

It wasn’t too long ago that we were celebrating create’s one year anniversary so this has been a banner year for celebrations.

To commemorate this occasion I thought it would be fun to share the cover I drew for Comic City in 2006.

I was a Senior in college at the time, with New York already on my mind, clearly. I’d been self-publishing comics for a couple of years, I had a strip in the college paper and I’d traveled to San Francisco a few times to participate at the Alternative Press Expo.

I think it was the summer of 2006 that I traveled to New York for the last time before I’d move in 2008. I was desperate to finish my last year of college (yes, it took me more than 4 years to get through an Art Degree) so that I could make definitive plans to move. My friend Marc Calvary, with whom I stayed during my trips out, was egging me on to do it already!

At long last, here I am… still! Mike and I moved to New York together during the summer of 2008 and having been living in and loving the city since then.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find work as a freelancer which allows me the time to put into comics, illustration, painting and art of other mediums in addition, of course, to blogging.

It’s been a great 5 years since I drew that cover and I know the next 5 will be just as great.

As always, thank you for reading create!

little leaves

July 13, 2011

Here’s a little wedding project that I made with the help of my friend Andrew Young.

skewers and leaves

These skewers were leftovers that I cut and re-sharpened from this project.

For the project I needed lots of little paper bits cut out and rather than make a mess of them myself, I contacted Andrew to cut them instead. Paper cut outs are just one of the many print or fabrication services that he has available. Hit him up if you need help making something awesome.

I designed the leaf template for the skewers to slip right in…

…and look like little leafy branches!

paper flowers, part i

June 16, 2011

Remember that box of cool stuff I found? Well, here is what I’m doing with it…

making paper flowers!

Here are the supplies I’m using:

First I unrolled a bundle of paper strips to see what I was working with. They’re actually pretty long.

I grabbed a medium-sized clump of them and wrapped them up on themselves into a bud shape.

Next, I curled the end of a flower wire into a hook to pinch the paper bits in.

yarg, me mateys

Then I secured the hooked end of the wire around the ‘bud’ base by wrapping it securely.

For the next step, I trimmed the unruly  paper bits at the bud base and then wrapped it with flower tape to make it look nice!

After I’d gotten the hang of if, I whipped out as many small yellow buds as I had paper for.

These will be the centers for some larger flowers in paper flowers, part iii…….


June 13, 2011

WARNING: girly content ahead!

So, I’d say the current wedding hair favorite has come from an unlikely source…


…but as it turns out, what she thinks is awesome for shopping in Paris is what I think would be awesome to get married up in.

No decisions have been made yet, there is still time to consider other styles, but this is certainly on the yes list.

Also, in preparation for the wedding I’ve started wearing fake eyelashes to get used to them. I only put a few of the ‘short’ tufts on today so it’s pretty subtle but you can kind of tell in this photobooth picture.

I think I’ll gradually get more dramatic until I think I’ve found the right length.

I also got this rad nail job done. I love the colored french manicure. This may be my new favorite thing…


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