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cropped sweater conversion

October 11, 2011

Time to take a quick break from all the wedding business…

My cropped sweater lost a button so I decided to resurrect it as a wrap sweater. Here’s what it kind of looked like before the transformation.

I snipped off the remaining buttons, folded in the whole opening from buttons-to-neckline-to-button-holes and hemmed it to disguise its former life as a button-up sweater. Then I set to stitching on the ribbons.

Working without a pattern meant I pretty much just had to eyeball everything and try it on a lot during the process. After the ribbons were on I made a giant button-hole where I wanted to the bow, for the short ribbon to come through.

My machine has a button-hole setting which I managed to use about 50% correctly. Fortunately, it worked out even if it’s not the neatest.

The ribbon wraps around the back and…

… tada! Cropped wrap sweater!

While I had the sewing machine out I also recycled an old pair of jeans and made this denim skirt.


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