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Happy Birthday Mom +1

June 2, 2014

Here are a couple of lettering pieces sans expletives. My mother will be so pleased.

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#ethereal #lettering

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And, for the occasion of my mother’s birthday.

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Happy birthday mom #lettering #brushpen

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June 10, 2011

Here’s a funny tidbit relating back to my¬†ms or mrs post¬†from April which discussed post-wedding name etiquette.

I love As word nerds, it has settled many a dispute over pronunciation between Mike and I. Exhibit A: the word Mauve. NOT PRONOUNCED HOW YOU THINK.

In other wedding-related news, I’m busy making the component parts for about 6 boutonnieres and 6 corsages because I thought it would be fun. Also because I think flowers are too expensive. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the progress so check out these cute ones from my Mom’s trip to NY instead.

here she is with the Statue of Liberty in the background

She made me swear to save visiting the Statue of Liberty until she came to New York and after almost 3 years, I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen. Then when she DID come, we were so busy we didn’t have time to get tickets to the actual island and had to ride the Staten Island Ferry instead. Since her NEXT trip won’t be for the purpose of wedding planning, we’re definitely doing a crown tour then.

And the Federal Reserve. Show me those doubloons!

Also, this is her being totally funny when we stopped by my work to eat treats.

and these were the treats!

mother’s day gift idea

April 8, 2011

26 days left to get your Mother’s day gifts in order!

Hopefully they won’t see this because both my mom and my sister-in-law (also a mother), love the beach so I collected some shells and sand for them while I was in Sag Harbor, NY for a weekend last September.

pretty orange and yellow shells

When I went looking for a nice container to put them in I was lucky enough to find some lighthouse-shaped glass jars at Fishs Eddy. What a coincidence!

I also labeled them so that in 20 years, when they’re cleaning out their storage closets, they can remember that it is special dirt. Haha.

In the even that your mother isn’t a beach fan, might I suggest making some¬†garlic basil butter, a¬†flowerpot pen holder or ¬†a¬†fancy necklace and then maybe making some delicious¬†spaghetti squash for dinner?

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