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flowerpot pen holder

September 5, 2010


Instead of scrounging for wide-mouthed jars to hold my ever-growing collection of pens, I decided to make something more fun and colorful!

All it takes is a flowerpot (I painted mine blue), dried beans and a piece of tape.

When you get started, don’t forget to put tape in the bottom so the beans don’t fall out when you pick it up! Pour the beans into the pot but don’t fill it all the way to the brim as the level of the beans rises with every pen that’s put in.

leave at least an inch between the beans and the top of the pot

I left about an inch and half because I have a lot of pens.

Then fill it up and et voilà, you have a pretty pen pot for your desk!

my slightly messy workspace

I also used this flowerpot for holding knives in our kitchen before we got our magnetic strip. It’s a multitasker!


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