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pinky rides again

November 9, 2012

I am very proud to be the creator of pinky the unicorn. His smiling face has already been featured in so many videos, not to mention gracing temporary tattoos, magnets and now shirts!

I’m still taking Advent Calendar pre-orders! Order yours today!! 


swords that would be cool

August 24, 2012

A new video from Andrew Huang featuring some of my artwork!

Follow me on twitter, @catbee643!

gabby douglas

July 31, 2012

Andrew Huang of Songs To Wear Pants To was bowled over by US gymnastics competitor Gabby Douglas and decided to write a song to cheer her on, EVEN THOUGH HE’S CANADIAN.

I illustrated the pictures of Gabby and her dad. Yay!

Here are the images of Gabby.



temporary tattoos!

April 29, 2012

My tattoos came!

Then I decided to feed all my tattoos with faces.

OMNOMONOM, taco cat!

songs to wear pants to merchandise

April 5, 2012

When I first saw these I thought, Oooh how fun! Then I realized, WAIT A MINUTE, that’s my artwork!!

Cat = dunce.

Regardless, Andrew Huang‘s (of Songs to Wear Pants) to new merchandise is awesome and available for decorating your home and person.

Visit his store where you can buy some fun magnets,

or temporary tattoos.

I’m so excited about these, I can’t wait to slap pinky the senior portrait unicorn all over myself!

mail vlog shout out

October 29, 2011

Got a nice shout out from Songs To Wear Pants To. Send him something fun, maybe you’ll get one too.

The olives mentioned in the letter are castelvetrano and they are SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. They look like this and you should definitely eat some as soon as possible.

(image source: the golden pineapple blog)

Halloween is in two days, what are YOU going to be?

pinky the unicorn lives on!

September 2, 2011

Songs To Wear Pants To revamped his youtube page with Pinky the Senior Portrait Unicorn!

Here’s a screen shot:

click for full-scale awesomeness

Looks goooooood.


more video graphics!

July 7, 2011

Here is a new Songs to Wear Pants to video with some illustrations of mine.

Drawing graphics for videos is fun!

more pink unicorn cameo

June 19, 2011

Songs To Wear Pants To is going on tour with the equally talented Gunnarolla and they’re coming to a Portland, Oregon near you!

I’m looking at you friends on the left coast! You guys should get out and support them by going to their show, you know… whenever or wherever it is. I am 100% positive it’s going to be super fun.

Also, these videos feature an illustration of mine,  pinky, the senior portrait unicorn.

pink unicorns and songs to wear pants to

May 29, 2011

Recently I was lucky enough to work with Andrew Huang of Songs To Wear Pants To. I had been a fan of his clever and hilarious videos for a few months before we got in touch about some drawings he needed done.

The first order of business, as you may imagine, were some Pink Fluffy Unicorns. The first one is teeny tiny but it is the link to his home page on every one of his video pages.

And here is a snippet of the full size version:

Here is his video with a cameo of another pink unicorn of mine.

The money shot is at 0:16. Love it!

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