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“The Pain” music video for Elin Ruth

December 23, 2013

Check out this music video that I assisted on for Elin Ruth, directed by Magnus Göransson.

Catchy song, no? I bet you’re ready to watch it again so here are some insider production notes to entertain you along the way.

0:14 The bar scenes were shot at Claret in Sunnyside, NY

0:18 That handsome devil to the right of Elin is her husband!

0:27 See that fancy hat she’s wearing? That’s just one of a number of fancy hats that have a habit of appearing on peoples’ heads when they’ve been drinking. Exhibit A.

0:33 SMOOCHY SMOOCHY. To get this scene, the director practically had to crawl under the covers with them. Ooo la la!

0:36 Claret’s owner, Justin, played the part of the bartender.

1:04 This was shot on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

1:10 At 5’9″ I’m no shrimp but both Elin and her husband clock in at over 6′ tall. In this shot, I’m just off-screen jumping and throwing feathers around like crazy to get them high enough to rain DOWN on two people who are significantly taller than me. (I am also simultaneously having a heart attack about getting in trouble for littering the street with lovely white feathers.)

1:15 The following gorgeous views were shot on a roof deck that was over 39 stories up!

1:18 Elin’s own bathroom (and toothbrush).

1:53 I don’t think this scene was on the schedule but when half of the train car we were in cleared out, Elin and the director sprang into action to take advantage of the great shot.

1:58 Another New York landmark, the Flatiron building!

2:12 Well, hello little squirrelio. Another unexpected but great moment. I had recently been accosted by squirrels in this park for nuts (yes, I am an old lady that carries a bag of nuts around with her at all times) so we put a nut in Elin’s hand and tried not to let the squirrel steal the show.

2:22 Real talk. Standing in a room, tacitly watching someone bawl their eyes out is a hard thing to do.

2:56 Director, Magnus Göransson,  pulls a Hitchcock and makes a cameo as an irritated bar patron.

3:12 Look, ruffians outside the bar! (And I’m one of them!) In an effort to be authentically tough, I smoked a cigarette for this part and promptly made myself ill. ~METHOD ACTING~

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed it!

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new food project – MadeWeekly tumblr video!

April 25, 2013

Rachel Crawford of the lovely MadeWeekly food tumblr decided to make the leap into video and contacted me to make some art for her project. I was thrilled to be included and it turned out wonderfully.

Shaved Asparagus Salad

Is it just me or is she sexily shaving that asparagus?

You can see a behind-the-scenes picture of the shooting process here.

And for a double whammy of exciting news, my artwork was recently featured on the A.I. Friedman tumblr!

Thanks for the shout, guys!

stop-motion at the oscars!

January 28, 2013

I’ve been informed that this PES piece is in the running!

Also, it is the sequel to Western Spaghetti.

He is one of my favorite animators. I love these videos and I hope he wins!

In other news, looky looky, I’ve added an improvement! Now you can see my 5 most recent tweets in the sidebar from the homepage (you won’t be able to see them if you came to this post via an email subscription) —->

Warning: Cat-lady content guaranteed.

swords that would be cool

August 24, 2012

A new video from Andrew Huang featuring some of my artwork!

Follow me on twitter, @catbee643!

another sneak peek

July 22, 2012

this is my concentration face

I shot some more video goodness last night. Can’t wait to edit and show the final results!

market mayhem

May 29, 2012

At long last, I’m finally able to release my most recent stop-motion project!

stop-mo round up VII

February 17, 2012

I don’t know if I’m better dialed into the internet stop-motion community now or what, but I feel like this time I’ve collected enough links to stop-motion videos to be able to edit them down for your quality enjoyment.

Here’s a stop-motion that you’ll want to watch twice. Once for the stop-motion, and the second time to observe (QUICKLY!) everyone that helped make it happen.

This one is kind of long but there are so many clever details!

Here’s a video with a lot of wardrobe changes.

How to spell the Alphabet.

And two post-it stop motions by Bang Lao-Liu.

Also, some exciting news, I’ve got a brand new stop-motion on the way!

stop-motion teaser

November 1, 2011

Great news everyone! (Who else just heard that in the voice of the professor from ‘Futurama’?)

I’ve put together a new stop-motion, here’s a sneak peek to hold you over until I’m done editing it.

my friend kat acted as my model/actress


mail vlog shout out

October 29, 2011

Got a nice shout out from Songs To Wear Pants To. Send him something fun, maybe you’ll get one too.

The olives mentioned in the letter are castelvetrano and they are SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. They look like this and you should definitely eat some as soon as possible.

(image source: the golden pineapple blog)

Halloween is in two days, what are YOU going to be?

stop-mo round up VI

October 14, 2011

It’s that time agaaaaaaain. Here’s the latest and greatest stop-motions I’ve seen on the web.

Launa Eddy’s website has a host of hilarious (and gruesome) claymations. I fully recommend taking the time to view them.

I really liked the music and the animation of this Beats Antique video.

Evian jumps on the stop-motion wagon with this ad:

This was sent to me by my friend Dmitri who described it as ‘letterpress porn’.

This animation achieves a slightly surreal effect by turning the perspective on its head and using a reflective surface.


Here’s a funny one that must have been a real labor of love.

Labor of love! GET IT?!

Speaking of love, stay tuned for more wedding posts…

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